News and Events


February 14, 2023
Leading scientists gather at the inaugural MAVDA meeting to bolster anti-viral drug discovery research


May 31, 2022
Academia, Pharma Team up to Discover New Drugs in Fight Against SARS-CoV-2, Viruses of the Future

December 1, 2022
Announcement of grant funding for Development and Mentorship Research Programs

Important Dates and Upcoming Events


January 27
MAVDA Retreat: Annual Review of all Projects and Cores

February 22
MAVDA - NIAID Reverse e-Site (Virtual meeting) Visit - Mandatory for Project and Core leaders

March 1
For DRP and MRP applicants - Notify selected DRP and MRP candidates to submit a full application for Developmental and Mentorship Research Program grants.

April 1
For DRP and MRP applicants - Deadline to submit PHS 398 application

May 1
For DRP and MRP applicants - Award start date

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